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The things we are working on

DPoS Monitor


DPoS Monitor aims to give insight into the state of your DPoS nodes. Various DPoS platforms are supported, such as Lisk, ARK and Shift. See the GitHub project for the full list.

The monitor can keep an eye on any number of local or external nodes, checking the state of certain variables at a configured interval. If a node is unreachable, the blockheight is incorrect or its version is outdated the monitor informs you using Telegram. The messages you receive are as concise and to the point as possible to give you an indication of what is wrong and what action should be taken.

More functionality will follow, see the roadmap for details.

Delegate Verifier


Holders of DPoS tokens ('voters') place their trust in the many delegates they vote for, potentially across many different DPoS networks and wallets. The task of periodically, manually verifying a delegate's track record and pool payouts is close to impossible.

Delegate Verifier offers an automated and objective solution to rate a delegate's performance based on the information available in the blockchain. It offers various checks, such as comparing a delegate's promised payout to their actual payout, and awards trustworthy delegates a seal of quality. For active participants, the Delegate Verifier presents a DPoS token holder with a powerful starting point for tracking payouts and delegate trustworthiness.


(GitHub) (Demo)

Dashboard for DPoS delegate information, DPoS private addresses, Masternodes status, staking info and crypto Wallets.

An overview of all your important DPoS delegate information e.g. Rank, Amount of coins, Approval, Number of Votes and the difference of the last 24h. Also Masternode information, like when you receive the last amount of coins in your MN wallet. The same for Staking coins, last but not least, just crypto Wallets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum! Crypto Dashboard is made to sort those things out and present you all your important information in one handy overview.


The roadmap is not a static or exhaustive list, but is updated and added upon over time

DPoS Monitor

  • Support for more DPoS platforms
  • Android app as monitoring dashboard
  • Push messages in the Android app

Delegate Verifier

  • Support for lottery style pools
  • Divide ratings into categories
  • Make historic ratings data available, can also be used for delegates that are no longer forging


  • Check your DPoS private addresses, if all your voted delegates are still forging
  • In the HTML overview, select the history period with a dropdown, now it is 24h and 48h
  • Add a live indication in the DPoS main dashboard, the time until a node will forge
  • Add euro / dollar for amount of coins - If already possible! Not main focus currently
  • Create a web interface to maintain the config.json for adding, removing, adjusting coin info
  • Create an HTML with main focus Masternodes instead of DPoS

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